What Is Natural Healthcare?

Natural healthcare aims to treat the cause of your symptoms as well as the symptoms themselves and is holistic in it's nature. This means that we treat the individual as a whole, we do not just look at the symptoms in isolation of the rest of your body and mind. We are not here to 'heal' or 'fix' you - but to facilitate the natural healing capabilities of your own body and mind, as well as providing lifestyle recommendations - leaving you empowered, healthy and happy. 

Our care plans have 4 main parts, which can take the form of one or multiple sessions based on your individual needs:




Follow Up / Maintenance

To get the most from any treatment we encourage all patients to take responsibility for their own healthcare needs as much as is possible. The best treatments available can only have a limited impact if you are not taking care of yourself and so we place a very high importance on our patients being open to making lifestyle changes (as is practical) to support the treatments they are receiving.

Taking responsibility for your one's health, and working towards an improved state of health may involve being mindful of aspects of your lifestyle that may not be supporting the changes you wish to make. Please rest assured that we are here to support you, whatever your journey to improved health looks like, and that every movement taken towards improved health is an investment with the greatest return - an improved quality of life.

Welcome welcome welcome!

When your first walking in the the Health Centre, one of our friendly reception team with meet you and check you in and let your practitioner know that you’ve arrived. We have a wide selection of magazines to read while you wait, filtered water to drink and for the children we have a box of toys and puzzles to keep them entertained. We like to invite all patients to arrive at least 5 minutes before their appointment, giving you time to relax before your appointment starts.

We are very lucky to have unrestricted parking (on both sides of the road) directly out the front of the Health Centre, making it easy when attending your appointments (although please be aware that this can be more popular during summer periods due to our proximity to the seafront).


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