Shiatsu helps us discover where our body begins and ends, feels safe to move, where it resists and most importantly where it would like to change. Shiatsu helps create space; in our body, between tissues, between the articulating surfaces of joints, in our body cavities. It helps create space in our life, allowing time to notice those magical moments of stillness.

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu could be considered a form of massage and is often carried out through the clothes (contrary to traditional forms of massage). It incorporates simple points and holds and it's essence is simple to learn and effective. Shiatsu includes awareness of body posture, breathing and exercise and is calm and relaxing in nature, yet dynamic in effect; the body begins to re-adjust itself and healing takes place. The receiver is supported to become more aware of their body and mind as an integrated whole, and as this awareness increases they become aware of areas of tension or weakness on either a physical or emotional level. Through this process of internal and external balance, healing occurs.
In such a fast paced world, it can be hard to find (or recognise) the moments of joy, peace and contentment that come with slowing down - as it is in these moments we can truly appreciate what we have, to heal and find balance in ourselves whilst creating space to see which direction we would like to move with our lives. Shiatsu creates this space for personal growth and exploration and can be a wonderful way of taking care of yourself.
Shiatsu is not manipulative, it enables the body to articulate. A treatment will also effect the non-physical: our emotions, feelings and self-image. It is impossible to work on the physical body without affecting the non-physical.
At Littlehampton Natural Health Centre, we specialise in musculo-skeletal problems resulting from trauma (both physical & emotional) and posture related conditions. Many of our clients also present with symptoms (respiratory, digestive, circulatory) that are directly related to a stressful lifestyle.  

Your First Appointment

A shiatsu treatment lasts about one hour, your first session will last a little longer. No oils are used and you are fully clothed. Wear loose fitting or stretchy clothes that don't restrict movement. Treatments usually take place at floor level on a futon, but if this isn't possible a couch is used.

Shiatsu is currently available at Littlehampton Natural Health Centre on Thursdays.

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