We aim to offer you the best care available, with your therapist creating a personalised health plan - aimed at improving reducing symptoms and increase your overall well-being.  

We have a wide offering of treatments to suit every individual health goal, you're able to book your appointment online, which you can do below by clicking on the link next to the appointment you'd like to book. 


Acupuncturist: Sin Mui Chong-Martin

  • Acupuncture Initial Consultation (1hr 20mins) - £50 - Book Online
  • Acupuncture Follow Up (40 minutes) - £40  - Book Online

Bowen Therapy

Therapist: Ginny Rees


Chiropractor: Karen Philip


Therapist: Claire Hicks

  • Iridology Initial Consultation - £50
  • Iridology Follow Up - £40


Massage Therapist: Danielle Walsh


Lava Shell Massage

Indonesian Massage
Foot & Leg Massage 

Stomach Massage

Nutritional Therapy

Therapist: Claire Hicks

  • Nutritional Therapy Initial Consultation - £45
  • Nutritional Therapy Follow Up - £40


Osteopath: Nigel Jones

  • Osteopathy Initial Consultation (30 minutes) - £45 - Book Online
  • Osteopathy Follow Up Consultation (30 minutes) - £45 - Book Online


Podiatrist: Rebecca Jones

  • Podiatry Consultation (30 minutes) - £30 - Book Online


Therapist: Ginny Rees

  • Reflexology New Patient (45 minutes) - £35 - Book Online
  • Reflexology Session with Ginny Rees (45 minutes) - £30 - Book Online


Practitioner: Kim Lovelace

You can now book an appointment with any member of our team online,
simply click the link below and check availability.