Chiropractor in Littlehampton

Chiropractor in Littlehampton
Karen's passion for Chiropractic started in her teens in Capetown South Africa where she grew up. She always knew she wanted to train and in 2008 started her Chiropractic education. Karen qualified from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Oxfordshire in 2012. Since Karen has attended many seminars and ongoing training so she is able to offer a wide scope of specialities for her patients. Karens main approaches are gentle, specific and relatively un-invasive techniques, making her treatments effective and enjoyable.

The technique Karen favours is Diversified, however, she has also trained in McTimoney Technique, Koren Specific Technique and Massage. Karen likes to work along with the body, encouraging its natural self-healing capabilities.

When not in the office, she enjoys travelling, seeing friends, socialising, cycling and spending time with her daughter.

Chiropractic Techniques Offered at Littlehampton

Koren Specific Technique
Koren Specific Technique, otherwise known as KST is a gentle, whole body technique used to adjust and release restrictions in the spinal joints, stimulates the nervous system and encourages improved blood flow to surrounding soft tissue, thus allowing the body to naturally heal itself. The adjustments are performed using a low force adjusting tool known as an Arthrostim.

Diversified Technique
Diversified is the most common Chiropractic technique, using manual adjustments to the spine to encourage movement where joints have become restricted. When a joint doesn't move properly, it places more force through the surrounding areas (intervertebral discs, facet joints and soft tissue), reduces joint hydration and increases local inflammation, thus causing irritation to the local nerve supply leading to symptoms including pain, numbness, tingling and loss of strength. Diversified technique looks to encourage movement back into these restricted joints, allowing the body to heal and symptoms to settle.

McTimoney Technique
McTimoney Technique is a very gentle, specific, low force adjusting technique which looks to refine the alignment and movement of the spine. This technique is perfectly suited to young children and elderly patients due to its noninvasive approach.

Karen also employs acupuncture in some of her treatments as it can be a great help for releasing overly tight and sensitive muscles, especially when they are too tender to the pressure of massage. Most will barely feel the needles but notice the difference almost immediately. Acupuncture is typically used alongside Chiropractic adjustments to compliment our care plan.

Neuromuscular Release Technique (NMR)
This technique is used to release deep muscle tension. NMR is different from ‘regular’ massage styles as it doesn’t only deal with the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues of the body, but it also helps to calm the nervous system.

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