About Clare - Naturopath in Littlehampton

Clare is an Allergy Specialist and Naturopathic Practitioner with over  30 years experience and we are pleased to be offering Computerised Health Screening as part of our services. Clare previously lived and worked in Spain running 6 clinics along the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. Winning Best Holistic Practitioner award in 2008 & 2009, she has also worked on the Crystal Serenity a 6* Luxury cruise liner from 2010 to 2011. Clare now lives and practices in Littlehampton, enjoying everything the Southcoast has to offer.

Claire provides screening for:

  • 40 of the Bodies Major Systems and Organs. (Heart, liver, lungs etc)
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Hormone Balance
  • Food Sensitivities (more than 250)
  • Environmental Sensitivities (pollens, animals, household cleaners etc)
  • Toxins, Heavy metals, Chemicals.
  • Viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites and many more are all included in the Comprehensive Health Screening.

The testing is painless and simple, with your consultation lasting about an hour. You will be given your result verbally there and then, followed later the same day a full written report.


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To book your appointment with Clare, you can either call the health centre on 01903 734373 or book online by clicking the link below. 

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What is Naturopathy?

As part of Clare's assessment protocol, she uses a state of the art computer system called the 'Asyra Pro', it works by using the same technology as the lie detector test to scan and analyse the bodies systems. This can help identify imbalances in the body that cause our bodies to become symptomatic.

Many symptoms and conditions are all treatable when you find the specific reasons for your health concerns, I have seen success helping patients with symptoms including headaches, joint pain, migraine, IBS, bloating, skin conditions, hay fever, ADHD and more. Just because you have a family history, does not mean you have to put up with the symptoms, it just means we need to find the triggers and make the necessary changes to your diet, possibly consider supplements and individual remedies to help speed up your bodies healing process.



1 Hour Full Consultation - £100

30 Minute Follow Up - £55


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