About Anja - Massage Therapist in Littlehampton

It has always been her dream to work with people on a therapeutic level, having moved to England in 2017, leaving behind her corporate job as an Events Manager & Mentor in Switzerland, she completed her first 200 hour Alliance Yoga teacher training. While travelling around South East Asia in 2016, Anja was first introduced to Yoga & Massage during an Ayurvedic retreat in India. The power of touch and the wish to help people on their journey of finding a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. She is qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage and Pregnancy / Postnatal Massage.
All her treatments include a wonderful combination of Eastern & Western Philosophies, creating a fusion of clinical Massage techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Thai stretching, soft tissue release & flowing moves of Swedish Massage. Her sessions are also there to encourage you and to build a foundation of self care techniques that you can take out of the clinic and into your day to day life. Besides Massage Therapy Anja offers Activation treatments, which is a powerful tool for stress management, helping you to break common patterns of movement dysfunction and helping manage chronic pain. Anja respects, values and encourages everybody within their individuality, enjoying a very warm and long standing relationship with her clients.

Massage Styles - massage therapist in Littlehampton

Anja offers many different massage styles and is able to adapt her technique, style and approach to all patients. Anja has spent the last few years learning, improving and perfecting her art form, helping patients with many different symptoms. The techniques that Anja favours includes;

Relaxation Massage - Massage Therapist in Littlehampton

This massage style helps release tension in your muscles, while relaxing your body and mind. This helps your energy levels, increasing your relaxation and aids in stress management. This massage offers a holistic approach, able to work on nearly all muscles of the body and is typically offered as a back, neck and shoulder massage or as a whole body massage.

This form of massage can be used to treat or manage chronic muscle aches or pains in areas such as the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back and legs.


Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage - Massage Therapist in Littlehampton

A full body protocol in either face-down or side-lying position depending on comfort and preference. This massage style helps remedy specific concerns during pregnancy such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, oedema, migraines, neck, shoulder and low back pain, supporting the physical and emotional transformation of women at different stages of pregnancy and post birth.


  • Alleviates pain accompanied with pregnancy
  • Reduce stress
  • Promotes overall well being
  • Reconnects mother and baby in a moment of self care

Massage Therapy is a beautiful complementary therapy during the course of a pregnancy, which is mostly a very special time in a woman’s life.

During pregnancy the female body goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes, which can result in discomfort through pressure on the joints and ligaments whilst the belly grows and makes space for the baby. Pregnancy massage is great for addressing and alleviating pains/aches as well as offering a moment to completely switch off, recharge and get pampered. All the happy hormones that massage brings up, will affect your baby positively too!

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